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We provide boot camps HIIT training and group fitness classes in chatham kent ontario


Zumba fitness and weightloss classes in Chatham kent ontario

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Online personal training is an effective way to get made for you workouts without the cost.

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Meal plans made for you all you have to do is follow along

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The benefits of "small" studio are small class sizes, we strive to keep class sizes at or below 20 people.  Everyone knows everyone at TFab Fitness, they quickly become friends, and they keep each other motivated.  Our clients say they love it here, "it's like family here" and that is just the way we want it.  To check out our studio schedule click here.

For those of you who prefer to workout alone, check out our online training programs as well as meal planning.


Organic Non GMO Seeds

Paleo Restart

Paleo Restart

Muscle Build Recipes

If you want to build muscle you have to eat right, this book makes finding recipes a thing of the past


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